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Includes materials & instructions for 4 different activities to help you both honor your pet’s life and heal your broken heart. Learn self-care tools and spiritual practices to help your long-term healing. Activities are based on Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. All are non-denominational and don't require any previous experience.

DIY Ritual Kit for Animal Loss (with free standard shipping)

SKU: 364215375135191
  • This DIY Ritual Kit for Animal Loss includes Earth, Water, Fire, and Air ritual materials with easy step-by-step instructions. You’ll also get access to poems, meditations, and prayers. Do the rituals alone, with your family,  or invite some friends over to help. Feel free to adapt and be creative. Repeat as often as helpful. (The kit includes 3-4 weeks of materials.)


    Why buy this kit?


    A growing body of scientific research shows that grief after losing an animal can significantly impact our lives. One study revealed 93% of humans reported a disruption in their life such as trouble sleeping or loss of appetite. Over 50% reduced their social activities, and 45% had job-related difficulties. Yet, even with stacks of research available, how seriously people respond to our pain can vary.  
    We get you. No, it’s not silly to still talk to a beloved dog, cat, or other creature. Nor is there anything wrong with wanting to keep alive the memory of your relationship with them. What you are experiencing is real. And it is valid. We are so sorry for your loss. And we want to help you manage your emotions, move through grief, and create enduing connections to your passed-on animal companion.


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