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Sacred Sendoff Experiences


Interested in interspecies spirituality? Attend an upcoming experiential workshop, retreat, book talk, or panel discussion with animal chaplain Sarah Bowen.


Or check out select podcats. Oops. Podcasts. Yeah, that's right. #interspecieshumor

Event Calendar

Become an Animal Chaplain:

Animal Chaplaincy Training:
3-month, 6-month, & 9-month programs with Compassion Consoritum 

Channel your passion for animals and the planet into a caring and supportive profession

Animal chaplains provide support for both animals and humans by using ritual, ceremony, and the tools of spiritual companionship. Our training program helps you fulfill your heart’s call to honor and celebrate the lives of all species, including how to companion them through joys and challenges. 

Recent & Upcoming Events

We're helping the people who help the more-than-human world thrive

June 4 Sama Saturday
"Planning for the Best Worst Day"
Sarah talks pet loss with Amanda Ree & Dr. Katie Kangas

June 5 The Gathering at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, Zoom
"On the Heroine's Journey: A Ritual of Exploration"

June 19 Between the Lines Bookstore, Merida Mexico
Book signing with Sarah Bowen

July 7-9 Best Friends National Conference, Raleigh, NC
Workshop: "Interspecies Mindfulness for High-Impact Community Engagement"

July 19 Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, Zoom

Sacred Sendoffs, a talk with Sarah Bowen

August Resistance Radio
Sarah talks with Derek Jensen

October 28-31 The Road to Eden Unity. Village, MS
Whole Planet Spirituality with Sarah, Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur, and others

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