If you've
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Sacred Sendoffs

An Animal Chaplain’s Advice For Surviving Animal Loss, Making Life Meaningful, & Healing The Planet



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About the Book

An elegant manifesto for improving life and death for all beings on sacred Mother Earth 

Combining humorous anecdotes and thought-provoking research, Sacred Sendoffs explores human relationships with beloved pets, wild creatures, animal astronauts, marine life, farmed animals, and other sentient beings. Along the way, animal chaplain Sarah Bowen shares insights for sustaining lives, honoring deaths, and managing the emotions that arise when we lose an animal we love. While many books focus exclusively on pet loss, environmental issues, or animal welfare, Sacred Sendoffs takes on all three, revealing their unavoidable entanglement. Bowen’s ever curious and playful style tackles tough topics―recovering from personal grief, deconstructing human biases, and acknowledging planetary challenges. Sacred Sendoffs helps animal lovers uncover practical actions and everyday opportunities for helping the more-than-human world not only survive but thrive.

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68% of US households include an animal family member. Our actions affect them, and they affect us. How can we strengthen the bond? How do we prepare for the joy of a new animal companion, the confusion of messy health decisions, and the devastation of death or loss?


Beyond home, how do we extend compassion to the 8.7 million other species we share this interdependent planet with? As animal lovers, what does our sacred activism look like on behalf of those “without a human voice”?

Join animal chaplain Sarah for a free interactive workshop to:


  • Explore your relationship with animals

  • Try visual, auditory, and meditative shared experiences that encourage a deeper connection with the animals and the more-than-human world

  • Hear thought-provoking research about the spiritual lives of animals

  • Learn tools to help recover from the loss of beloved pets, passed-on wildlife, and extinct species 

  • Learn  how spiritual practices like mindfulness, meditation, and prayer can increase our own well-being AND help animals heal, too!

"An ardent invitation to multispecies mourning for our more-than-human companions, from our beloved pets, to the deer on the side of the road, to the rapidly increasing extinction of species on our shared planet."

 Cody J. Sanders, Chaplain at Harvard University & Advisor in the Office of Religious, Spiritual, & Ethical Life, MIT

Other Events

Learn how to help the
more-than-human world thrive
Image by Sunguk Kim

Campaign Nonviolence Action Week

Panel Presentation

Sept 19, 2021

 2 pm ET

Sarah joins a diverse interfaith panel to talk about creating a culture of nonviolence that tackles war, poverty, racism, and environmental destruction.

Image by Karina Vorozheeva

Animal Divina: Interspecies Spiritual Practices & Rituals

Live, in-person Workshop

October 1-3, 2021

Replay coming soon

Join Sarah at Unity Village, Missouri for this live, in-person workshop, part of the "A World That Works for All" VS Forum & Retreat

Image by Raimond Klavins

Parliament of the 
World's Religions


October 17-18, 2021

Replay coming soon

Join Sarah and members of the Compassion Consortium as we share how to help spiritual communities go beyond dominion & stewardship to embrace truly inclusive compassion

Image by Pietro Jeng

Compassion Arts Festival

Part Presentation / Part Interactive Workshop

November 16, 2021

Sarah joins forces with In Defense of Animals’ Lisa Levinson, animal studies behaviorist Marc Bekoff, filmmaker Allison Argo, and Luvin’ Arms Sanctuary co-founder Shaleen Shah at the Compassionate Arts Festival roundtable

More Advance Praise

“In Sacred Sendoffs, Sarah Bowen guides us gently through the loss of our companion animals, while also nudging us to examine our conceptions about other-than-human beings in general.”
Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life and The Good Karma Diet

“We all need to deepen our practice of nonviolence and help build the global grassroots movement for a new culture of nonviolence. Sarah Bowen's beautiful book focuses that call of nonviolence toward animals.”
John Dear, author of The Nonviolent Life, Living Peace, and other books, and executive director of www.beatitudescenter.org

“In crisp, clever language, Sarah presents an elegant manifesto for improving life―and death―for all beings on sacred Mother Earth. You can almost hear her cheering, We can do this, people! Indeed, we can.” 
Barbara Becker, author of Heartwood: The Art of Living with the End in Mind

“Bowen achieves balance between the need for compassion, for understanding, and for justice―from the perspectives of both human and other-than-human animals. Her approach is not to preach, scold, or admonish, but instead to pose questions that inspire thoughtful and honest answers. The many internal reflections and practices offer readers an opportunity to search deeply within their souls and examine their own beliefs and practices as relating to the ‘nonhuman’ world. I am certain that the reader, and the world, will be in a better place from these inquiries.”
William Melton, co-founder of the Compassion Consortium   

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